02 Nov

I think it speaks for itself.  They were a hit.  Emi was a little more huntered-up before we left and I forgot to get a shot of the hooves and tail but they were so cute.  And dramatic, by the time we got to my grandpa’s retirement home they were doing collapsing scenes.

Braiden was called a reindeer a couple of times and a rabbit only once.  Not bad for wearing a costume made from a girls track suit with butterflies on it.  We made the rounds with all the pink staying covered – hooray.

My mom had my dad’s birthday dinner waiting for us all when we got back – turkey and all the fixings.  My sister’s boyfriend was probably more happy than my dad – as we know he likes to eat.  He thanked my mom approximately 17 times over the course of the meal and sounded like Bill Murray in What About Bob enjoying each bite. 

Besides being hilarious, it’s sort of endearing.  I see the appeal of the ‘country boy’.  Somethings about this breed might be irritating but someone so appreciative of any little thing is rather refreshing.   (Maybe I’m just becoming jaded and bitter cooking for a picky eater who gets more excited about tacos than a delicous roast.)

The simple life is growing on me.  No, I’m not ready to move to the country.  My mom asks me each time I come over just in case.  But I am rather enamored with tending the farm animals so I won’t rule it out for someday. 

But I’ll never admit that to my mom.

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One response to “Halloween

  1. tang

    November 10, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    haha, i love the costumes! very original!


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