Who’s this pre-teen who replaced my child?

23 Apr

“I stared into the most beautiful green eyes today.” I expected a smart comment of “my own, when I looked into the mirror” or something, this is my Braiden we’re talking about after all. Instead I got a wistful “Madeline”. His dream girl and bff.

Further into the coversation he mentioned another girl in his class who also lives in our neighborhood and seems like a brat to me. I asked if they were friends now, “no not really but I still like her” Ah yes, fickle girls. “Someday she’ll regret it.” It took everything in me not to laugh hysterically at the old soul in this kid. His love of the blondies continues.

He pulled out all the stops for his poetry reading today, sporting a dress shirt and sweater vest, if it wasn’t for his own blonde locks (much to his disappointment) he’d be the spitting image of his father. The weird jaw thing they do when they’re sitting and watching something – the creepiest part of kids is the weird habits they do instinctively.

Someday he’ll thank me for that hair, when the girls don’t think he has cooties and/or stop being his tomboy friend. wink

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One response to “Who’s this pre-teen who replaced my child?

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