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The second decade

Ten years later, I’m so glad I got what I wanted – boys are foreign but hilarious creatures.

“I knew you liked that song mom, I look at your internet history too.” quite matter-of-factly. Good to know, though mine is decidedly more boring and without the Google searches for Megan Fox & Britney. Although he can’t see them in their birthday suits, lucky for him most times they’re barely dressed in every day life.

I also received a pat on the back tonight & a “good girl” for speaking his language, with something I said – what? who knows. I only miss his generation by a year so I think this happens more often than he likes to admit. I am fairly cool & knowledgeable.

I’m hoping to drag out the laughter as long as possible and keep my sense of humor, when I get a glimpse of broody teen boy it’s too much. One year at a time…ten is okay…so far <knocking on wood, crossing all appendages>.

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Sad to hear of the passing last week of Jim of Depot Dad after a lengthy battle. And mad at myself for being so out of touch – I’ve missed some big – good and bad – events with some of my favorites.


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Ah, that’s better…

After a week of driving myself crazy with nonsense, this week has been a breath of fresh air!  Great meetings, new starts, busy house, a happy kid, easy homework load. 

Granted it’s only a Wednesday, but I’ll take it.  Maybe the promise of fall has put a spring (no pun intended) in my step.  The thought of making pumpkin bread has had me excited all day…on second thought, I may need a bigger social life heh. 

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Ides of March

Confession.  I hate March.  There’s just so many sucky things that I’m reminded of and I’m usually in a funk for 31 days.  Today, to combat I’m listening to (good lord was this hard to find in a bloggable format, gave up): Tegan & Sara, feel it in my bones.

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Random Mondayness

But first,

Watching the always delightful Jordan & Jeff on Amazing Race got me jonesing.  For BB and Julie! 

5 months!


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With Love,

A little Cake Wrecks love

I’ll admit, I am a real girl from time to time and actually, embarrassingly, gave the bucket of gas station roses a wistful stare the other day. 

But thankfully my sarcastic streak has been replenished thanks to a wonderful evening of laughter and ex-bashing mixed in with the usual girl/mom chat.  Something I don’t really allow myself to do, but oh did it feel nice.  The best part is when you don’t even have to be mean or exaggerate.  It’s all true, y’all.

Sure, I wouldn’t take pinking shears to roses or anything or but I got what I needed for this sweetest of holidays.

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Life Unexpected

So excited this show’s scheduled! Saw a fall preview for Life Unexpected and it looked good but never had a start date listed.

Thank you, CW for continuing to fill my TV with juicy and or sniffle inducing shows – what would I do without you 3 nights a week? PS. xoxo for Vamp Diaries marathon that hit the spot this week.

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