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The irony of spending Father’s Day with Matt’s family wasn’t lost on me.  Especially when he called as we were sitting around visiting.  High fives for not forgetting your dad though.  The power of mother’s intuition is strong as just when I was going to holler for Braiden to get the ringing phone that no one could get to I froze, knowing exactly who it would be.  Freak out on my part averted heh.  He did not however, want to speak to B – due to calling from work (double five).  I would’ve suggested that over my dead body but his mom is a kind soul.  Really believing previous conversations and “what should I say”s as fact not fantasy.  It is always heartbreaking to see her deflated by this stuff – I’d rather talk about colonoscopies but I know she needs to and I guess with me because I’ll understand.  They all do, apparently the statute of limitations on me not being able to utter his name has ran out and it’s a free for all to discuss with me.  Sure I do understand without you having to “explain”, but I don’t want to remember, y’all.

But I digress…It was a really wonderful weekend, spent with all our family really with several different functions.  Little MK had no trouble digging into her gifts at her 2nd party, what a girl!  She gave both her brother and grandpa (neat freaks) a fit digging into her cake – up the nose and all.  No asking for a fork like her brother!

Ending such a busy weekend sitting outside on the back steps watching the kids run and play (and scrape the knees, be covered in grass stains…) was a perfect cap.  Why can’t they all be like that!

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Mother May I.

I managed to find a mother’s day card for everyone and their sister-in-law but had to go to 3 stores for my mother.  Every year!  I think I’d be better off just making her one out of construction paper.  The ‘my mom my friend’ cards don’t apply, the really gushy poetry ones don’t apply.  I’m usually left with a corny humor one but this year found one that was sweet but vague enough to make it work and paired it was a corny cow one just because I can’t pass them up.  I was so excited by finding something my mom has been wanting at a fantastic price – squealing with delight to the weird looks of shoppers.
I couldn’t wait to give my mom her gift so I took it along to my birthday cookout.  It totally outweighed their birthday gift.  I think that’s why I get so bah-humbug about my birthday with my family.  I just get handed a wal-mart gift card for half what they normally give me.  No cards or thought-that-counts gifts from my sisters, no cake, no nothing – my sister who is a freak for decorating the house for birthdays didn’t even blow up a balloon. 
I know it’s going to happen but yet it always still surprises me.  Yes, I’m a grown up, but so what, I only get one day a year.  All the more reason to give my mom her stuff this weekend – I don’t want to have to spend Mother’s Day there.  If it’s my day and I don’t get anything for that one I’d rather do something fun for myself than be put to work doing yard chores for my sister’s open house.
I don’t even know where that all came from, I should just focus on the thrill of knocking off the hardest gift and card to buy all year! 
Luckily, I have enough fun elsewhere to make up from the House That Birthdays Forgot. smile
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Another one bites the dust

I don’t really have strong feelings about my 28th birthday. It is what it is, I’m getting older but as long as I’m not pre-menopausal I think I should be able to handle each one okay! Life is not what I’d envisioned, but there are sometimes it’s so good as is it makes me cry – yes occasionally I cry other times than when I’m a basket case.

I think I have to set some real goals for this year – last year was definitely a manage and survive year. But I did, got the job situation under control and got rid of my biggest source of unhappiness. Need to think on this one a while.

In the mean time, I’m going to crack open the Bloody Mary box I forgot was in the pantry!

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“I’m going to buy a pair of crocs so I can melt them down and pour them as molten liquid into the eyes of whoever invented them.” – Rainn Wilson

“There’s a CROC STORE!” I exclaimed with glee to the puzzled look of my shopping cohort on our outlet adventure.  They are the weirdest shoe but it never fails to thrill me when I slip my foot into one and feel the bounce.  After squeezing my puppies into some gawd-awful heels today I’m secretly wishing I’d picked up the weird dress shoe version.  Sure I’d get some weird looks, but what’s new eh? 
I used to have so many shoes, beautiful, even sparkly shoes.  The shoe virus that has laid dormant in my body is coming to life.  I want to buy shoes every time I have the chance.  Shoes I’ll never have a place to wear.  I’m going to do it in a shopping rebellion.

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Cakers in Training: B’s cupcakes.










This had nothing to do with them being hyper, they arrived that way heh, it rather calmed them down to sit still this long.  Most of them were too disgusting to be edible so it’s a good thing I made extra. Yuck.

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6 kids = exhaustion.

But I survived. I praise my parents for putting up with my many sleepovers when insane amounts of kids over the years. The friends that weren’t able to come until later showed up early. The neighbor’s mom dropped him and his obnoxious older brother that wasn’t invited and drove away. No asking if it was okay or if we had enough for an extra giant kid – I didn’t by the way but hey I didn’t need to eat.

Luckily the brother won me over by calling it “lame”. And continued to endear himself by blowing a party horn repeatedly at all of our heads like a bratty three year old until I had to take the last of them away. Not surprising he was decorating cupcakes and playing with the kids all the same, despite his dislike for being there. It was mutual.

Other than the bad seed, the boys had a really good time and my sister and I made it without wanting to leave or drink – at least a strong coffee for the Emster. We had a really nice quiet fun sleepover once the rest was said and done.

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Happy 8th Birthday B!

Because I love you, I'll post this one.

A job well done

Two Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Two days since you came into my life.

You came into the world on a day that had no president, only talk of hanging chads.  And the first winter snow.  But we only noticed later, since you were the star of the show that evening for the 16 or so people waiting outside for your arrival. 

Thank you for always been my constant source of joy and occasional frustration, giving my world real meaning and purpose. I’m often surprised we made it without many of the terrible milestones – broken bones, hospital stays, being left behind in the grocery, but we did it. [knock on wood; throwing salt over shoulder]. You’ve made it a little bit easier for me to find my way as a mother and hopefully in turn I’ve done the same.

I hope you’re always as inquisitive, spirited, and well, you as you are today. People will always grow to love you for it, as I do.

We’re halfway to driving!


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