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The irony of spending Father’s Day with Matt’s family wasn’t lost on me.  Especially when he called as we were sitting around visiting.  High fives for not forgetting your dad though.  The power of mother’s intuition is strong as just when I was going to holler for Braiden to get the ringing phone that no one could get to I froze, knowing exactly who it would be.  Freak out on my part averted heh.  He did not however, want to speak to B – due to calling from work (double five).  I would’ve suggested that over my dead body but his mom is a kind soul.  Really believing previous conversations and “what should I say”s as fact not fantasy.  It is always heartbreaking to see her deflated by this stuff – I’d rather talk about colonoscopies but I know she needs to and I guess with me because I’ll understand.  They all do, apparently the statute of limitations on me not being able to utter his name has ran out and it’s a free for all to discuss with me.  Sure I do understand without you having to “explain”, but I don’t want to remember, y’all.

But I digress…It was a really wonderful weekend, spent with all our family really with several different functions.  Little MK had no trouble digging into her gifts at her 2nd party, what a girl!  She gave both her brother and grandpa (neat freaks) a fit digging into her cake – up the nose and all.  No asking for a fork like her brother!

Ending such a busy weekend sitting outside on the back steps watching the kids run and play (and scrape the knees, be covered in grass stains…) was a perfect cap.  Why can’t they all be like that!

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Sisters, meh.

Foolishly at times I still want the gathered around the piano singing sisters (figuratively) when the Joe/Amy pulling each others’ hair out/burning the manuscript sisters is what we’re always going to be destined for.

I’m mad at myself for not just calling my sister number one out on her most recent clueless, flaky, self-centered behavior, as it would’ve been the right thing to do.  But we just don’t have that kind of relationship and much like a young child or puppy once the moment is gone she’d never even remember the incident.  Until the next one rolls along.

I know I shouldn’t take it personally, and won’t in the future, it’s just how she is.  But I also don’t have to be “sisterly” with nothing coming my way in return.  Every contact is one-sided, texting me to pass on a message from our mother does not count, heh.  The part of me that just accepts it, knows it is a learned behavior – my mom didn’t have sisters or sister-in-laws that lasted and doesn’t really have more than acquaintances or “church friends” and doesn’t instill that value in her girls.  I’m the oddity that’s always preaching the gospel of best girlfriends.

However, I’m thankful to be surrounded by great women than uplift me, encourage me, entertain me and accept me.  “And that’s all I need”.

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Ancestry nerds, let me hear you

Probably not many blog hopping

I had the choice between repeats and the olympics last night and was so excited to flip through in time to catch Faces of America on PBS.  They’re not so great at promos that actually say when things are on, actually started last week though I swear I’ve trying to watch for it.

“What made America? What makes us? These two questions are at the heart of the new PBS series Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The Harvard scholar turns to the latest tools of genealogy and genetics to explore the family histories of 12 renowned Americans.”

I couldn’t help but be absorbed into the family stories of strangers (er, celebrities), two of whom had family from two places that give me very much trouble with my own tree: Syria and Ireland.  Frustrating as it is, agree with the documentary that so much of the immigrant’s life just wasn’t documented prior to departure if at all.  I am too spoiled living the technological world, expecting everything to be scanned, catalogued, and at my fingertips as long as I can come up with the correct search.

It’s such a thrill to find bits and pieces of a family branch or someone’s life.  It’s always interesting to see what matches the information I know and how it often is far different than the family stories.  And to take it one nerdy step further, can’t wait to fill out my first census this year, despite my grandparents preaching about how the government wants to invade our privacy further.   

Normally I’d agree, but the old censuses have been incredible resources to piece together at least each decade of a family.  I suppose I’m hoping I’ll produce someone down the line that will treasure history the same way!

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Another week down, million more to go!

Ah motherhood!  To say it goes day by day is an understatement.  I’m always thankful for surviving to the next one without losing my mind or my heart breaking.  We had a good school week.  No screaming matches over getting homework done, though B still didn’t remember to bring home his spelling words to study.  It sounds like the most stupid thing ever but it is the struggle of every single week.  At least I know that the kid will never ever forget my pestering on spelling.  I was also pretty proud of him bringing home a division worksheet where he only missed one.  I cried.  I’ve been working with him on math, always a scary prospect, since he doesn’t seem to glean anything from his teacher – I hold them both responsible ha.  But he’s at least getting something.  Sometimes the weight of that responsibility is huge – why God couldn’t I have an over achiever or self-starter?  Even a mild independent like myself? 

Before I could do a dance and jig (but after I’d hung up the fridge candy) my child came home from grandma’s.  Now we’re back to normal – bratty, exhausting behavior.  Thank goodness this only lasts temporarily to he remembers where he lives and gives up the ghost.

I snorted/laughed so hard at this moment in Weeds:

“Nice, Shane goes on a paint rampage, gets suspended. The two of you ditch school to fuck in my guest room. I’ve got everything under control. ”

I’m reminded it can always be worse, school troubles and mouthing off I’ll take.  Stay away tween years, stay far, far away from me.


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Caught in the Middle

Before heading to my grandparents’ Braiden asked me if my aunt would be there for dinner.  When I asked why he simply said, ‘she’s fun’.  I wasn’t sure but it seems like she just “shows up” when we’re there for dinner a lot in the past months.  My grandparents have never given up on trying to put us in the same room for any occasion since I cut her out of my life years ago.  I’ve softened, feeling bad at the position I put them in – they’re older and just want their family together.  And frankly she adds conversation to the awkwardness of any gathering that includes my deadbeat dad who keeps utter silence unless it’s about sports. 

My aunt didn’t come to dinner that day but did call and ask if she could take B to the circus this weekend.  I just said I wasn’t sure our schedule and made no mention of it to him.  It’s only natural for him to like being around her, she was always my favorite person too – my aunt but my best friend, big sister/mom at times.  I always had fun with her.  But all that went away, and sometimes I’m very sad to not have a real aunt anymore.  The others I have I see only for holidays or we have never had a real relationship.  As a mother, I feel bad that I can’t let him have that relationship with her but I don’t know that it will ever feel right.

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“He’s the one that missed out.”

I haven’t talked to Braiden about his dad in honestly probably a year and half?  Maybe more.  Other than a random thing about something they like in common and when he inherited his dad’s old G.I. Joes.  I used to try to but I really know nothing of his life the last couple years and not sure what were supposed to say about him.  His grandma asked if I’d told him about his dad’s marriage, besides my puzzled look I said no – “you have a new mommy, B!”.   What would I say about strangers?

I’m equally irritated with both the CW and now ABC for changing around their late night schedule – no Sex and the City reruns now no Scrubs reruns after Jimmy Kimmel.  What’s an insomniac to do?  Watch televangelists.  I often sit in a daze at the weird stuff that is broadcast on the couple of Christian channels we get.  Thinking of all the good movies, talk show premises, music options out there that could be used.  But a woman being interviewed really caught my attention as I was passing through.  She spoke of meeting her dad only once as an adult and realizing he was the one that missed out on knowing her, not the other way around.  A lot more good stuff but I think that is my starting point.

Sometimes I forget that the rejection doesn’t go away if we just don’t talk about it.  Hey, a mom can wish.

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fresh air

I woke up today without the 50 pound weight on my heart.  Positive, hopeful, energized.  The mess is still there, still battling with making my current life work but something is different for today.  I’m going to enjoy it and be productive before the paralyzing self-doubt and weighty decisions come back.

Super psyched to have a new-to-me dresser, mine literally falling apart last week. Those little surprises are nice, especially ones that aren’t even on my goal list like the couch that will soon bite the dust.  My family insists I throw it away, but I can’t – I’d still love to reupholster it some day.  It’s been around since our first house, I can’t part with it totally.  I didn’t have a security blanket, but maybe this is mine.


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