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Ah, that’s better…

After a week of driving myself crazy with nonsense, this week has been a breath of fresh air!  Great meetings, new starts, busy house, a happy kid, easy homework load. 

Granted it’s only a Wednesday, but I’ll take it.  Maybe the promise of fall has put a spring (no pun intended) in my step.  The thought of making pumpkin bread has had me excited all day…on second thought, I may need a bigger social life heh. 

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The Things We Did Last Summer…

A lot and nothing has happened since I’ve last graced the Fortress.  Summer has come and gone.  We’ve had much mom & B fun.  And he spent about a month total gone from me on various trips/grandma visits – the most time ever.  It was hard at times (too quiet!)  and glorious at others.  The times I didn’t miss my momming, I realized after the guilt subsided it was okay to enjoy the freedom.  He was having a fabulous time – why shouldn’t I? Sometimes the freedom to come and go is all I need instead of great plans and adventures.  But those aren’t so bad either!

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Putting this in “things I love” promptly…

I almost screeched out loud – such perfection! 

A stunner from Cake Lava

Love the colors and how it needs nothing but itself!  Possibly so shocking when I was enjoying some Wrecks.

On another baking note, I’m kind of set of visiting the Baking Institute in SF, though not sure how my chauffeur will feel about the detour.  I just want to absorb some perfection (and aroma of the weekend bread classes).


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Lofty Goals

I’ve only crossed off one goal off of my life list in the last couple years.  Think I may be going about this the wrong way *snort* Maybe I need to substitute serious things with items I can actually cross off.  Lowering standards a bit for the sake of my self esteem – yes. 

Even better – take down the stupid list from where I have to see it!

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Sisters, meh.

Foolishly at times I still want the gathered around the piano singing sisters (figuratively) when the Joe/Amy pulling each others’ hair out/burning the manuscript sisters is what we’re always going to be destined for.

I’m mad at myself for not just calling my sister number one out on her most recent clueless, flaky, self-centered behavior, as it would’ve been the right thing to do.  But we just don’t have that kind of relationship and much like a young child or puppy once the moment is gone she’d never even remember the incident.  Until the next one rolls along.

I know I shouldn’t take it personally, and won’t in the future, it’s just how she is.  But I also don’t have to be “sisterly” with nothing coming my way in return.  Every contact is one-sided, texting me to pass on a message from our mother does not count, heh.  The part of me that just accepts it, knows it is a learned behavior – my mom didn’t have sisters or sister-in-laws that lasted and doesn’t really have more than acquaintances or “church friends” and doesn’t instill that value in her girls.  I’m the oddity that’s always preaching the gospel of best girlfriends.

However, I’m thankful to be surrounded by great women than uplift me, encourage me, entertain me and accept me.  “And that’s all I need”.

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With Love,

A little Cake Wrecks love

I’ll admit, I am a real girl from time to time and actually, embarrassingly, gave the bucket of gas station roses a wistful stare the other day. 

But thankfully my sarcastic streak has been replenished thanks to a wonderful evening of laughter and ex-bashing mixed in with the usual girl/mom chat.  Something I don’t really allow myself to do, but oh did it feel nice.  The best part is when you don’t even have to be mean or exaggerate.  It’s all true, y’all.

Sure, I wouldn’t take pinking shears to roses or anything or but I got what I needed for this sweetest of holidays.

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It’s 20 days into a new year and I’m already behind on adding some posts. I’m determinded to keep up this year, I don’t want to say it’s a resolution since those are always set up for failure but maybe more of a goal

I love the newness (is that a real word, looks so weird?) of the year.  Feeling like it’s not impossible to do things you want to do, meet your goals, get back into things you’ve put off or ignored, have things to look forward to…Don’t come and spoil it spring, I still have time!

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