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The second decade

Ten years later, I’m so glad I got what I wanted – boys are foreign but hilarious creatures.

“I knew you liked that song mom, I look at your internet history too.” quite matter-of-factly. Good to know, though mine is decidedly more boring and without the Google searches for Megan Fox & Britney. Although he can’t see them in their birthday suits, lucky for him most times they’re barely dressed in every day life.

I also received a pat on the back tonight & a “good girl” for speaking his language, with something I said – what? who knows. I only miss his generation by a year so I think this happens more often than he likes to admit. I am fairly cool & knowledgeable.

I’m hoping to drag out the laughter as long as possible and keep my sense of humor, when I get a glimpse of broody teen boy it’s too much. One year at a time…ten is okay…so far <knocking on wood, crossing all appendages>.

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Nazi mom.

I’ve earned a nickname of Eva Braun from a friend, after the well known Nazi bride.  Today I wear it with pride today *sigh* though usually it makes me laugh so hard as it’s so not me (unless by comparison).

Definitely one of those days I will be the bad guy ’til dark, sending a kid to bed without dinner (unless he eats what was made *eye roll*) and so on.  One of those days I’d like to say “wait ’til your father gets home” but well we’ll be waiting a long a** time!  God bless the moms that do this with a whole troupe of kids.

But as a bit of reassurance in my Eva methods, B’s friend who he says “doesn’t have a mother” (rather she doesn’t live with them) doesn’t seem to ever want to leave – I can’t be so bad


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Lofty Goals

I’ve only crossed off one goal off of my life list in the last couple years.  Think I may be going about this the wrong way *snort* Maybe I need to substitute serious things with items I can actually cross off.  Lowering standards a bit for the sake of my self esteem – yes. 

Even better – take down the stupid list from where I have to see it!

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With Love,

A little Cake Wrecks love

I’ll admit, I am a real girl from time to time and actually, embarrassingly, gave the bucket of gas station roses a wistful stare the other day. 

But thankfully my sarcastic streak has been replenished thanks to a wonderful evening of laughter and ex-bashing mixed in with the usual girl/mom chat.  Something I don’t really allow myself to do, but oh did it feel nice.  The best part is when you don’t even have to be mean or exaggerate.  It’s all true, y’all.

Sure, I wouldn’t take pinking shears to roses or anything or but I got what I needed for this sweetest of holidays.

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I’m in love with you,

I don’t care if you love me back.



and a million others.

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Reunited and it feels so good.

I remember the nights, long ago (or six years ago) after each episode of LOST, scouring the internet for clues; trying to keep up with in depth message board discussions that blew my mind with the detail people could come up with; just trying to make sense.  Now that the last season it upon us I’ve learned – it was pointless.  As usual it just continues to create more questions than answers. 

But I love it, it is brilliance.  I would blindly follow JJ into a fire if Michael Giacchino scored the journey.

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Another week down, million more to go!

Ah motherhood!  To say it goes day by day is an understatement.  I’m always thankful for surviving to the next one without losing my mind or my heart breaking.  We had a good school week.  No screaming matches over getting homework done, though B still didn’t remember to bring home his spelling words to study.  It sounds like the most stupid thing ever but it is the struggle of every single week.  At least I know that the kid will never ever forget my pestering on spelling.  I was also pretty proud of him bringing home a division worksheet where he only missed one.  I cried.  I’ve been working with him on math, always a scary prospect, since he doesn’t seem to glean anything from his teacher – I hold them both responsible ha.  But he’s at least getting something.  Sometimes the weight of that responsibility is huge – why God couldn’t I have an over achiever or self-starter?  Even a mild independent like myself? 

Before I could do a dance and jig (but after I’d hung up the fridge candy) my child came home from grandma’s.  Now we’re back to normal – bratty, exhausting behavior.  Thank goodness this only lasts temporarily to he remembers where he lives and gives up the ghost.

I snorted/laughed so hard at this moment in Weeds:

“Nice, Shane goes on a paint rampage, gets suspended. The two of you ditch school to fuck in my guest room. I’ve got everything under control. ”

I’m reminded it can always be worse, school troubles and mouthing off I’ll take.  Stay away tween years, stay far, far away from me.


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