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The second decade

Ten years later, I’m so glad I got what I wanted – boys are foreign but hilarious creatures.

“I knew you liked that song mom, I look at your internet history too.” quite matter-of-factly. Good to know, though mine is decidedly more boring and without the Google searches for Megan Fox & Britney. Although he can’t see them in their birthday suits, lucky for him most times they’re barely dressed in every day life.

I also received a pat on the back tonight & a “good girl” for speaking his language, with something I said – what? who knows. I only miss his generation by a year so I think this happens more often than he likes to admit. I am fairly cool & knowledgeable.

I’m hoping to drag out the laughter as long as possible and keep my sense of humor, when I get a glimpse of broody teen boy it’s too much. One year at a time…ten is okay…so far <knocking on wood, crossing all appendages>.

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A cuter MK.

kSorry Olsens. I’m so thrilled for a little girl to spoil. And if not only from her Aunt Ses, she definitely will be as they only girl grandchild on either side of their family. Though I may be partial to a squishy old man face of a baby boy, how could I not fall for this one:

Born after just minutes of pushing, Aunt M may have rough pregnancies but she does labor right. She also amazed me by calmly planning for a zoo trip about 5 seconds after giving birth and having a coordinating outfit to go home in. – I came in my pajamas and despite packing the kitchen sink put in no clothes to go home in – Some are just a special breed of multitaskers or seem to avoid getting the mushy mom brain.

Little H was very pleased with his new sister, casually throwing out a “that’s my baby” and going on about his business.  Love it.

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Sunshine Cleaning

I can fervently say I’ll never murder anyone no matter how much road rage I may have at times, it would be way too much work to clean up the mess. Frankly I’m amazed people do it as well as they do on Dateline stories.

Being lazy and comfortable on the couch, I asked Braiden to turn off a light I’d left on. In the process he said he’d cut his foot:

– In a crazy cat moment over the weekend, Cooper randomly lept on the bookcase in my room shattering a candleholder. Another day, another cat mess. Obviously I missed a piece. –

He said he was going to get a Bandaid and trecked across the house. I asked if he needed help or probably more like “what’s taking you forever in there?” as he kept making noise. “I can’t get a bandaid on, the bleeding won’t stop.” he calmly tells me. I get up to go in and see a bloody trail through the house. My shrieking probably woke the neighbors. The bathroom resembled the opening credits to Dexter. I’m not a squeamish person by any standards but when the smell of blood from someone you love hits the nostrils – ugh totally different and disgusting.

I immediately put him in the bathtub to pool and had him PUT SOME PRESSURE ON THAT FOR PETE’S SAKE! as I went to start our cheap, craft yarn like carpet that stains if you look at it wrong. He’s going to grow up with scars from my sending him to the bathroom to finishing puking while I immediately start scrubbing the carpet before it’s tinged. The carpet cleaner and steamer did nothing on the initial footprints. Soap and water was the only way to get it out (by the light of day I still see brown spots but I just remind myself of how horrible it was and I feel better about those. ha I should’ve taken before and after photos since it was unbelieveable)

It took us a while but we got the bleeding stopped enough to get it bandaged up tight. The kid probably should’ve had stitches, I don’t know, it wasn’t a big cut but apparently deep. Of course this happened while his grandpa who could’ve done it was out of town. And on a day I couldn’t even afford to go to the ED. It was probably a good thing I had to focus on someone else or I would’ve been sobbing into my spotty carpet. I kept asking if he was okay in there – “yes mom, I’m just fine”.

By 1 am we’d got the mess cleaned up best I could and B was propped up on the couch being forced to drink Pepsi and eat a snack from Mom’s Blood Donation Cantina.

When it was time to check his bandaid in the morning he was afraid to take it off. “Because you stayed up all night cleaning the floor and it might still be bleeding.” Aw. “I don’t want you to yell ‘LOOK AT THE CARPET!!'” I’m glad the child still retains his sense of humor in times of crisis. One of us has to.

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Driving lesson.

“Mom, stop telling me how to drive or I’ll find someone else to ride with me.”


“I’d love to see you try, and I can tell you how to drive this thing until you have your own license.”


 bkI feared for my life but I gave it a go because Emi had had enough.  He really doesn’t do too bad but it still makes me uneasy…I wondered how bad it would hurt if I jumped out but thought it wouldn’t look too lady-like in a dress.

I cannot imagine what it will be like when he really can drive – ahh!  I won’t be buying him a car, obviously, but the grandparents and I will need to have a serious talk about this as well.  The kid does not need to be behind the wheel everyday or I’ll never be able to sleep at night.


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A case of the Sundays

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it, ‘Mom Teaches Boy To Fold Shirts!’” – Braiden

At least we capped off a terrible day on a positive note, a folding party is just what we needed. He’s definitely inherited the ability to make me laugh so hard out loud at the moment I want to throw something breakable.

I’m always reminded how out of my league I am. In the last 8 hours I’ve washed a mouth out with soap, ordered someone to their room, taken away TV privileges, and had a couple long heart to hearts.

Also I broke my child’s spirit with the realization that we cannot have pet birds. I had to try to explain why we can’t have baby chicks in our house. Never mind that they smell, are dirty and/or they’re loud and annoying. Thanks, Emi.

Thank God tomorrow is another day.


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Who’s this pre-teen who replaced my child?

“I stared into the most beautiful green eyes today.” I expected a smart comment of “my own, when I looked into the mirror” or something, this is my Braiden we’re talking about after all. Instead I got a wistful “Madeline”. His dream girl and bff.

Further into the coversation he mentioned another girl in his class who also lives in our neighborhood and seems like a brat to me. I asked if they were friends now, “no not really but I still like her” Ah yes, fickle girls. “Someday she’ll regret it.” It took everything in me not to laugh hysterically at the old soul in this kid. His love of the blondies continues.

He pulled out all the stops for his poetry reading today, sporting a dress shirt and sweater vest, if it wasn’t for his own blonde locks (much to his disappointment) he’d be the spitting image of his father. The weird jaw thing they do when they’re sitting and watching something – the creepiest part of kids is the weird habits they do instinctively.

Someday he’ll thank me for that hair, when the girls don’t think he has cooties and/or stop being his tomboy friend. wink

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I think the Easter Bunny is a fake. All I got was underwear. – Braiden

So The Bunny was practical this year, it’s needed sometimes. To be fair – he did get plenty of goodies but they were lost on him.

It really surprised me he still believed that an 7 foot tall rabbit left him a basket in the living room. I guess some magic never dies. I did my best to keep the dream alive for another year, providing next Easter bears better fruit it might have worked.

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