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The second decade

Ten years later, I’m so glad I got what I wanted – boys are foreign but hilarious creatures.

“I knew you liked that song mom, I look at your internet history too.” quite matter-of-factly. Good to know, though mine is decidedly more boring and without the Google searches for Megan Fox & Britney. Although he can’t see them in their birthday suits, lucky for him most times they’re barely dressed in every day life.

I also received a pat on the back tonight & a “good girl” for speaking his language, with something I said – what? who knows. I only miss his generation by a year so I think this happens more often than he likes to admit. I am fairly cool & knowledgeable.

I’m hoping to drag out the laughter as long as possible and keep my sense of humor, when I get a glimpse of broody teen boy it’s too much. One year at a time…ten is okay…so far <knocking on wood, crossing all appendages>.

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Nazi mom.

I’ve earned a nickname of Eva Braun from a friend, after the well known Nazi bride.  Today I wear it with pride today *sigh* though usually it makes me laugh so hard as it’s so not me (unless by comparison).

Definitely one of those days I will be the bad guy ’til dark, sending a kid to bed without dinner (unless he eats what was made *eye roll*) and so on.  One of those days I’d like to say “wait ’til your father gets home” but well we’ll be waiting a long a** time!  God bless the moms that do this with a whole troupe of kids.

But as a bit of reassurance in my Eva methods, B’s friend who he says “doesn’t have a mother” (rather she doesn’t live with them) doesn’t seem to ever want to leave – I can’t be so bad


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Ah, that’s better…

After a week of driving myself crazy with nonsense, this week has been a breath of fresh air!  Great meetings, new starts, busy house, a happy kid, easy homework load. 

Granted it’s only a Wednesday, but I’ll take it.  Maybe the promise of fall has put a spring (no pun intended) in my step.  The thought of making pumpkin bread has had me excited all day…on second thought, I may need a bigger social life heh. 

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The Things We Did Last Summer…

A lot and nothing has happened since I’ve last graced the Fortress.  Summer has come and gone.  We’ve had much mom & B fun.  And he spent about a month total gone from me on various trips/grandma visits – the most time ever.  It was hard at times (too quiet!)  and glorious at others.  The times I didn’t miss my momming, I realized after the guilt subsided it was okay to enjoy the freedom.  He was having a fabulous time – why shouldn’t I? Sometimes the freedom to come and go is all I need instead of great plans and adventures.  But those aren’t so bad either!

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The irony of spending Father’s Day with Matt’s family wasn’t lost on me.  Especially when he called as we were sitting around visiting.  High fives for not forgetting your dad though.  The power of mother’s intuition is strong as just when I was going to holler for Braiden to get the ringing phone that no one could get to I froze, knowing exactly who it would be.  Freak out on my part averted heh.  He did not however, want to speak to B – due to calling from work (double five).  I would’ve suggested that over my dead body but his mom is a kind soul.  Really believing previous conversations and “what should I say”s as fact not fantasy.  It is always heartbreaking to see her deflated by this stuff – I’d rather talk about colonoscopies but I know she needs to and I guess with me because I’ll understand.  They all do, apparently the statute of limitations on me not being able to utter his name has ran out and it’s a free for all to discuss with me.  Sure I do understand without you having to “explain”, but I don’t want to remember, y’all.

But I digress…It was a really wonderful weekend, spent with all our family really with several different functions.  Little MK had no trouble digging into her gifts at her 2nd party, what a girl!  She gave both her brother and grandpa (neat freaks) a fit digging into her cake – up the nose and all.  No asking for a fork like her brother!

Ending such a busy weekend sitting outside on the back steps watching the kids run and play (and scrape the knees, be covered in grass stains…) was a perfect cap.  Why can’t they all be like that!

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A few random thoughts on our Spring Break.

1.  Other people’s kids are really fun when you know they’re going home at 4pm.

2. Kids are happiest when playing in a cardboard box or something weird found at the bottom of the toybox.

3.  Cannot believe I wanted 5 children for the longest time, though it’s been a good week with the big kids home I had visions of what Dawn Meehan’s life is like every day, all day.  I would be wiped.

4. Blue bubble gum from Grandma-Easter Bunny was a terrible idea.  If only B would’ve got it in his hair instead of the hilariously spotty carpet so I could cut it.

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Striking out.

I’m like the most uncoolest mom ever, lately.  After the drama of the neighborhood bully-at-the-busstop incident, I decided to stand firm on the subject of his younger brother.  I sat down B and E after school the following day and made it very clear that said brother was not welcome to play at my house aka live there between 4 and 7 pm, unless he was willing to make a change in his own behavior and be a real and decent friend.  And sat him down and had a talk when he enevitably showed up as if the day before hadn’t happened.

Literally had to explain that it’s not acceptable to just be nice when his brother isn’t around and that putting up with or participating in foul language and bad behavior when the brother is there is not appropriate friend behavior.  “Be a friend all the time or you’re not a friend at all” was met with crickets.  “But we apologized at school” *sigh*  as if that’s a free pass to go right back to the same ole.  I’d give about anything for a nice neighbor kid for B to play with at night or on the weekend.

Neighbor kid been by several times and I’ve told him the same thing each time and had a very upset B today, but I just won’t budge.  Though I will keep my word if he does indeed turn things around, I don’t care if they ever play again, no matter how bad I feel about the family dynamics going on at his house.  I have enough problems.

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