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H is 3

Little H turned three and had quite a birthday bash tonight.  He is such a sweet boy.  Such a great hug giver, I will enjoy that I while I can.  It has to tide me over between back-breaking B bear hugs that are purposely bad.  Boys!

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A cuter MK.

kSorry Olsens. I’m so thrilled for a little girl to spoil. And if not only from her Aunt Ses, she definitely will be as they only girl grandchild on either side of their family. Though I may be partial to a squishy old man face of a baby boy, how could I not fall for this one:

Born after just minutes of pushing, Aunt M may have rough pregnancies but she does labor right. She also amazed me by calmly planning for a zoo trip about 5 seconds after giving birth and having a coordinating outfit to go home in. – I came in my pajamas and despite packing the kitchen sink put in no clothes to go home in – Some are just a special breed of multitaskers or seem to avoid getting the mushy mom brain.

Little H was very pleased with his new sister, casually throwing out a “that’s my baby” and going on about his business.  Love it.

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McTeacher night = McRum in my Coke night.

Aunt M & I chose the worst possible night to have a visit and let the boys play at the playplace.  There were approximately 800 people at the restaurant for a fundraiser and there was no convincing the boys to go elsewhere.  Luckily 2 hours later it had cleared out and they could run wild – but at least they’re yelling and running blended in to the chaos in the mean time. 
I’m so excited for a new niece or nephew.  H is hoping for a sister so I’m being swayed to vote pink even though I think I’m partial to miniature old man faced baby boys.  It’s so nice being loved and hugged and willingly hand held, it’s been about 5 years since B would heh.  I’ll gladly put up with sweaty, loud kids to spend some time with H.
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The ghost of Christmas past…2008

I managed to find the camera cord – no small feat – and see what pictures the kids took on Christmas.  Always interesting.  Not one but 3 pictures of my future brother showing his guns.  Not the literal ones, surprisingly, though since my sister gave him a gun rack that might be next time.   I refuse to post them and give him a platform to show off.



My family is so pleasant, aren’t they?


I got the boys awesome tees (ha I’m glad they liked them as much as I did) and they got new matching pjs from Aunt M. The last year B can fit into Gymmies I’m afraid…he was too embarrassed to go out and show the guests like he was wearing tight lingerie.



I, too, am hoping for a niece next, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to make my baby predictions.  For now I’ll stay neutral and continue to buy dorky matching boy things roll

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Baby love.

I got a shock, er, surprise at dinner last night – my beloved Baby H will get a new brother or sister next summer. It was like I didn’t really hear what she’d said like ‘great, huh?’. I thought maybe next year or something as Aunt M had not been certain she was ready for more just a couple months ago so I really wasn’t prepared for that one.

Of course I’m excited for them, they’re great parents and have waiting a long time for this. But hey, I can be honest. I felt a twinge, er, kick in the stomach of jealousy at such a wonderful life they’ve built and the fun their kids will have together. It will pass (or I just need to rewind 2 days to the hours of loud rambunctious boys playing at my house this weekend), then I’ll fully hop on the train to thrilled town.

At that memory I feel it getting closer as I type.  And I suppose this will give me an excuse to steal away Baby H for some extra quality “Beeeee” time when the new bundle arrives.  So I will look forward to good news from the doc tomorrow and get my head in the right place.

Good news and a 4th of July date as well!

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Easter Baby

His momma sent out some belated Easter shots, so cute he is. I can’t wait til we can get together for a zoo day, I miss him! 


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