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At previously mentioned birthday party, the subject of godparents came up.  Yet again, the worst uncle in the world is one of the godparents.  And in spite of me not really agreeing with the ritual of infant baptism, I respect a parents beliefs and would assume a godparent should do the same.  Or at least give a shit.  At least show up.

After the stellar job of not seeing his godson since the hospital recovery room not to mention his own child, I don’t exactly see him as a candidate for a mentor, spiritual guide or all around support system.

What a disservice to Baby MK.   But hey, why not keep the delusion going for both kids.

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A cuter MK.

kSorry Olsens. I’m so thrilled for a little girl to spoil. And if not only from her Aunt Ses, she definitely will be as they only girl grandchild on either side of their family. Though I may be partial to a squishy old man face of a baby boy, how could I not fall for this one:

Born after just minutes of pushing, Aunt M may have rough pregnancies but she does labor right. She also amazed me by calmly planning for a zoo trip about 5 seconds after giving birth and having a coordinating outfit to go home in. – I came in my pajamas and despite packing the kitchen sink put in no clothes to go home in – Some are just a special breed of multitaskers or seem to avoid getting the mushy mom brain.

Little H was very pleased with his new sister, casually throwing out a “that’s my baby” and going on about his business.  Love it.

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