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(Wow is there a LOT of Hello Kitty sh*t out there.) It’s been a long time!  But as usual I’ve missed rambling. Spring has come to our home finally – warmish weather, our flowers sprouting up, and kids making messes outside ’til dark.

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With Love,

A little Cake Wrecks love

I’ll admit, I am a real girl from time to time and actually, embarrassingly, gave the bucket of gas station roses a wistful stare the other day. 

But thankfully my sarcastic streak has been replenished thanks to a wonderful evening of laughter and ex-bashing mixed in with the usual girl/mom chat.  Something I don’t really allow myself to do, but oh did it feel nice.  The best part is when you don’t even have to be mean or exaggerate.  It’s all true, y’all.

Sure, I wouldn’t take pinking shears to roses or anything or but I got what I needed for this sweetest of holidays.

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Reunited and it feels so good.

I remember the nights, long ago (or six years ago) after each episode of LOST, scouring the internet for clues; trying to keep up with in depth message board discussions that blew my mind with the detail people could come up with; just trying to make sense.  Now that the last season it upon us I’ve learned – it was pointless.  As usual it just continues to create more questions than answers. 

But I love it, it is brilliance.  I would blindly follow JJ into a fire if Michael Giacchino scored the journey.

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It’s 20 days into a new year and I’m already behind on adding some posts. I’m determinded to keep up this year, I don’t want to say it’s a resolution since those are always set up for failure but maybe more of a goal

I love the newness (is that a real word, looks so weird?) of the year.  Feeling like it’s not impossible to do things you want to do, meet your goals, get back into things you’ve put off or ignored, have things to look forward to…Don’t come and spoil it spring, I still have time!

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Sister Sister, Part Two.

God love her, she drives me insane.  Even a day here or there makes me want to scream and shake her – just for the sake of shaking her as if it would help to alleviate the frustration.  I had a outburst of rage this time, losing my cool and yelling at her to stop acting crazy and frenzied.  I didn’t take any pleasure in being right about the outcome of the last boy she was obsessed with, as the new obsession was in full swing and focusing all ninety percent of her energy (ten still devoted to the last boy). 

Never before have I wanted to stomp on someone’s cell phone before and crush it into tiny bits.  I could see my dad getting all twitchy in the same way.  It might be a joint effort.

<deep breath>


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There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them. ~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Perhaps, she should’ve kept with the hot bath routine?  But anyway.  Finally, after literally 5 months of ridiculousness, our department at work will be going through some changes for better or worse.  I’m so ready for the daily stress to be better.  It took our boss long enough to put his foot down or at least get mad enough to tell us how “he’s upset”.   Really, E?  I thought you were loving this bs as much as we were?  So, I’m expecting it’s going to be front row entertainment tomorrow.  And if it’s not, I’m never going to believe another thing he says.

As luck would have it, it was still a pretty good day minus one coworker who never comes in lately.  The normal one and I have both been offered her territory when she moves or is gone.  And both have said we wouldn’t mind…though I’d be happy to let H go at it.  If I do get it, will definitely need to go through some behavior training [for clients, not me] and lots of prep to organize things the way I want them or it would be such a mess.  Either way, I’m stealing the good chair and switching us phone cords. [yeah I’m nuts]
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Boredom, North Carolina.

Mark Schwann, we are officially on the outs. I haven’t yelled a single Schwanny! in months. I had high hopes for last night’s One Tree Hill episode – it was about time for some drama. Something that didn’t involve Mia, Mouth, that dirty kid squatting at Brooke’s. It was Peyton’s time to shine, I mean she’s a Scott now – she’s earned that obligatory coma. Nope, nothing. Instead more veiled comments about their baby.

I expect more from you.

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