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Nazi mom.

I’ve earned a nickname of Eva Braun from a friend, after the well known Nazi bride.  Today I wear it with pride today *sigh* though usually it makes me laugh so hard as it’s so not me (unless by comparison).

Definitely one of those days I will be the bad guy ’til dark, sending a kid to bed without dinner (unless he eats what was made *eye roll*) and so on.  One of those days I’d like to say “wait ’til your father gets home” but well we’ll be waiting a long a** time!  God bless the moms that do this with a whole troupe of kids.

But as a bit of reassurance in my Eva methods, B’s friend who he says “doesn’t have a mother” (rather she doesn’t live with them) doesn’t seem to ever want to leave – I can’t be so bad


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Round table discussion

As we broke bread, er, bean dip and chips my mom said “since you’re good at figuring people out, what do you think about…”. I’m usually scared of what she’ll ask and how much I’ll have to censor myself.

My sister is overwhelmed by the number of her school friends that have babies, are pregnant, or want to be (and will likely be before they graduate next June). I was overwhelmed hearing about it. My mom was demanding to know why it seems to be so common and “cool”. Statistically, teen pregnancy is way down not up, I guess it’s just more acceptable. Saying things like “it wouldn’t matter” “my parents wouldn’t really care” “oops I missed 7 days worth of pills, oh well I don’t care if I have a baby”.

I could just see the anger building in my mom, in her day everything changed when she got pregnant. She dropped out of school and got married – the other alternatives not explored at the time. She had to give things up. “They bring the baby to class like it’s a purse!” I was speechless. They’re allowed to bring a baby to class? I didn’t know what to say.

I don’t think there’s an easy answer. And although I became a mom at 19, I wasn’t in school. Thank God. Really, I never would’ve survived it, honestly I probably would’ve chosen differently. Some of the things my sister was repeating really left me speechless. Have I been out of touch with teenage things for that long?

I have a lot of thoughts on this that I’m not even sure how to express – I understand my mom’s feelings exactly. I just can’t imagine being so flippant about having a child, even being a former knocked up teen for pete’s sake. Being pregnant was the worst time of my life on several points (the baby not included) and it wasn’t until a few weeks before he made his appearance that I really felt ready to do this no matter what I might’ve said.

When my parents and the girls came home from the campground that October, thank goodness it filled the empty house and the empty me. It made a world of difference. I knew the answer to if I could do it, I could really answer yes. Not do I want to or will it be super fun, but I could, and the rest just grew on me.

I often worry about others, afraid they feel the same way I did, secretly wanting to hug a stranger or help them in some way, knowing how alone it can feel. But I guess it’s good to feel afraid or overwhelmed – it’s natural for such a big step. At least it should be.

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A little blog love: 1st Annual LGLM5K

– Sunday, September 21st –

In honor of his beautiful Liz and to support other widow/ers, Matt Logelin’s family and friends have set up a 5k. Matt lost his wife, well, pretty tragically in March just hours after Madeline was born. But he and Maddie are helping each other through it. And as sad as it’s been, I’m glad he’s allowed the world to walk along side. He’s raising one cool little girl. (now that she’s getting so entertaining I can usually read without crying, okay about twice.)

Since unfortunately (or fortunately as I see it the other 364 days of the year) I don’t live near MN, we’ll be joining the “around the world” bunch. I’m excited the 5k’s on a Sunday since we usually try to get out and do something anyway so we’ll be making our rounds in pink (okay I will be) at 1pm EST! Anyone wanting to join let me know. Or if you’re too embarrassed (see below), walk in spirit heh.

The albums will be fun to see of all the various strangers and loved ones all over snapping their own photos. But just how many of them will be pushing a cat stroller?  I didn’t think so.

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Right back where we started from

I was dying for payday, scrounging the cents to make it last. So glad to fill up the tank, my phone minutes, and the fridge. Money’s all gone. The car insurance policy renewal hurt. I cried. I’m ridiculous, I know this by now.

So in what seems like my new ritual and scanned for things I’ve bought but don’t need and won’t use. Now I don’t mean clothing or random luxuries. No, I’m getting tighter than that.

I just returned a $10 item to WalMart, have a stash ready for Hobby Lobby that will equal maybe $15. The one I’m not sure about is Meijer & the random non perishable grocery items I didn’t need for the birthday cake extravaganza. I don’t even know if you can return that kind of stuff but it’s unopened so I’m going to try.

It’s all the little things that probably kill me anyway, I’m pretty good about spreading out or waiting on the big items. But it felt really good to load them up and get it out of here for a few bucks. Penny pinching, bleh.


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